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Hello there!


We founded Sweden’s first independent Agency of Record (AOR) and has since branched out into a full service Digital Agency with presence in Sweden and Singapore.

We combine media planning, content distribution, design, artistic talent and peak technological solutions to our customers.

All our solutions are scalable, transparent and angled towards co-operation rather than competition.

It’s with great pride and curiosity we help a wide range of sectors through the digital transformation; from ”mom & pop” boutiques to Enterprise companies with thousands of employees.

Welcome you too, to ENA. Say hi!


As the frontier of what’s possible are growing exponentially, it can be daunting to realize that reaching the technological horizon is impossible. That’s why we approach no two client’s with the same solution.

We have no set prices or packages, instead we craft the solution based on a thorough audit and connect the conduit points into a cohesive ”Going Forward” plan. That way you’ll get a bespoke solution grounded in your needs and reality, rather than what some consultant want to sell you.


Personal Audit

A discovery meeting where we map your current and future needs to make it through the digital transformation.


Bespoke Solution & Quotation

We present a tailor made package that is all inclusive. The quotation is total, without hidden fees or other shady pricing practices. WYSIWYG.


Deployment Phase

We begin to continuously deploy the various solutions. You have a dedicated Success Manager from ENA that keeps track of everything, complete with scheduled check up / sprint meetings to secure that we stay on target.


Evaluation and Optimization

After a set amount of time after launch, we will have a follow up meeting solely regarding how we can push the success even further. Every suggestion and data point we bring to the table is verified through third party channels.


We are an honest, transparent Agency of Record. We distribute your media budget where we can get maximum ROI, not where we get the biggest kickback (as is standard practice in our business).

Since Covid-19, big flashy offices are a thing of the past. By keeping the overhead at a minimum, we can instead focus on delivering peak technological solutions at an unmatched return of value per investment. By synergizing our offices in Sweden & Singapore, we can provide 18h/day effective back office service. Through a global network we can provide dedicated personell in following languages: Swedish, English, German, Spanish & Mandarin.

We create brand identities, digital experiences, marketing and web design that communicate & achieve marketing goals (And also look fantastic).